About Brent

Brent Andrew Shinn
Jamming at Hotel Utah Open Mic.

I’m a guitarist, composer, songwriter, performer living in San Francisco. I’m originally from West Virginia and have lived various stints in Virginia and North Carolina – California is definitely my preference. I’m currently working for a video game developer as the IT Manager and working on my music in my free time. I love living in San Francisco and find a wealth of resources for musicians and creative people alike – I look forward to many years here and would love to become a full-time musician but I understand how hard that is to do and I admire those out there that do nothing but. My music is really hard to coin but so many different influences converge into what would be hard to cipher other than a wide range of rock and acoustic instrumentals. I only have a few pieces where I see my inspirations come through and few people have ever been able to guess what they were so I think I’m doing well on that front.

I try to be original and typically will avoid commonly used standard progressions however I have many songs that are loosely based on some. I do make the effort. I’ve played guitar for most of my life and recently started singing. I’m also now learning to play the banjo (which just translates to memorizing chords and scales) and the piano enough to write a few songs or translate a few others.

Currently I’m working to get my professionalism up to snuff and further define my web presence. New website; new pictures; new recordings; and some art by a few choice local artists are soon to come!



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