Ted Cruz Scares Me

I honestly think the worst person in the GOP primary is Ted Cruz.

The Donald has made some very scary and alarming statements, but I honestly don’t think he’ll do much towards them once he’s in office. He’ll be a one term president. He’ll probably build the wall and emblazon it with giant ‘T’s all over. It’ll be like an episode of a frat boy reality show. Ted Cruz, on the other hand, really scares me. He’s proven time after time that he’s willing to twist and manipulate everything he can to push his agenda.

Ted Cruz said that the Democrats were responsible for shutting down the government, which isn’t actually true. The reality of that statement was that he planned the shutdown and because the Democrats didn’t cave on his demands, as with the majority of his own party, that it was their fault. Such spin and twist are Ted’s MO. I’m beginning to wonder if he carefully crafts every single thing he says so that it’s either taking something out of context or contorting it to benefit his agenda. I’d say that he does it 100% of the time except for a few examples. For one, a conservative group has been robocalling on his behalf about The Donald being for removing the Confederate Battle Flag from public places — Ted’s campaign publically stated that they did not, in fact, support this group or their message. I say kudos to that, however today, I’m reading in the news that he flipped his immigration stance and now he’s for deporting every single illegal alien and even going as far as hunting them down.

Ted’s ability to say anything he thinks might get him in the White House shows he has a deep desire for power and that the presidency is his goal.

What could we expect from a truth twisting president with a hard right agenda? I’m not sure but the possibility of it scares me more than ISIS or any other threat we face. From what Ted Cruz has already said, he’s willing to roll back human and civil rights a few hundred years and impose his religious beliefs on everyone.

We can not move in these directions. The only way forward in an ever-diversifying and evolving country is to embrace more equal rights, not take them away. We can’t live like it’s 1820 and only white men rule this land. We can’t live by any religious beliefs unless those beliefs embrace freedom and equality for every single person. We can’t move forward with a man who basically said he would end Black Lives Matter and fully support the police in this matter — now he didn’t exactly say BLM, but if you’ve watched all of this primary debates, he said it without mentioning the group. Again, think about this — he wants to end a group that’s fighting for the lives of black Americans and trying to bring equality to a country that still lives in past.

I fully support the police but I do not support police brutality. In cases where departments use body cams, the incidence of such brutality drops dramatically as with the incidence of internal investigations which have destroy and gutted some police departments such as Oakland. So, I support having police and making them wear body cams to protect us from them and them from us.

Back to Ted.

I really have no clue how many people understand just how scary this guy is. He’s creepy. He will say anything he can to get elected. His only message is that he will do and say anything — he’s hungry for power and that’s the worst type of person possible to hold the highest office in the land. I’m more inclined to support an establishment Republican because you can predict what he’ll do; with Ted Cruz, you not only don’t know what he’ll do, you have no idea if anything he’s said is true or will be something he stands by after elected.

Donald Trump is bad on so many levels, but he’s also a caricature of the worst parts of the GOPs ideals. It almost seems to me that he’s just trying to make a joke of the GOP and doing so by saying the absolute craziest things. Will he stand by them when and if he’s in office? It’s really hard to say but history shows us most GOP presidents do not. (And a lot of Democrats) They immediately start loosening regulations and killing taxes for the rich. The Donald doesn’t really like the banks or Wall Street. So it’s hard to say, but it’s definitely different from a man who craves power like Gollum does the ring. The Donald has always had money and power. He’s comfortable with it. He probably hates the idea of moving into a smaller house with less staff. Ted Cruz really is a conservative Christian and really believes all the crazy and scary things the worst people on the right claim. With that as a quality of a president, we should live in fear. If you’re an atheist or you’re gay or you don’t fit the bill in his view, you might see the likes of the worst post-apocalyptic movies you can find. Even people who share his view might regret it as they see friends and family crushed under the foot of a religious extremist.

If you think religious groups like ISIS or others are bad, Ted Cruz has the same mentality in a Christian sense.

Ted Cruz scares the shit out of me.


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